Programming Assignment Assistance for the Most Commonly Used Coding Languages

IT market is one of the most attractive fields for starting the career. Technologies are rapidly developing, facilitating the work and making breakthroughs. The best thing about the IT field is that it is welcoming for people with all backgrounds and interests. If you are considering to join, we’ve got some arguments to help you make a final decision. If you have already starting the studies and are facing some problems, we’ve got a solution. Scroll down to find out more.

The most popular programming languages

New programming languages appear regularly. If you Google it and open Wikipedia, you’ll see a list with over 240 positions. Of course, it is impossible to know even a half, and it is not necessary, but if you learn more than one language, you increase chances to find a high-paid job. According to the TIOBE index, the top-10 popular languages as of April 2019 are:

  1. Java, used by 15.035% developers.
  2. C – 14.076%.
  3. C++ – 8.838%.
  4. Python – 8.166%.
  5. Visual Basic. NET – 5.795%.
  6. C# –3.515%.
  7. JavaScript – 2.507%.
  8. SQL – 2.272%.
  9. PHP – 2.239%.
  10. Assembly language – 1.710%.

When it comes to choosing a profession, it is necessary to pay attention to the relevance and demand. For instance, there is JavaScript on all computers so knowing the basics of this programming language will benefit everyone. If you plan to start the career in web development, check job positions to find out what is required the most frequently. Monitor the dynamics to understand what will be in demand in the future. At the end of 2018, the situation in the USA was the following:

  • Java – around 30% of job postings;
  • JavaScript – around 26% of job postings;
  • Python – around 17% of job postings;
  • C# – around 15% of job postings;
  • C++ – around 12% of job postings;
  • Ruby – around 6% of job postings;
  • PHP – around 5% of job postings.

Different sources research the salary rates of developers. That’s what PayScale found out analyzing IT employment in Australia in November 2018 (from lowest to highest, in Australian dollars):

LanguageStarting salary rangeSalary after a 5-year experience
PHP$41,000 – $74,000$58,000 – $106,000
C#$42,000 –$70,000$63,000 – $107,000
C++$42,000 – $75,000$63,000 – $113,000
Java$42,000 – $75,000$63,000 – $115,000
JavaScript$43,000 – $76,000$63,000 – $115,000
Swift$43,000 – $77,000$64,000 – $117,000
Rust$43,000 – $77,000$66,000 – $120,000
Ruby$46,000 – $79,000$70,000 – $122,000
Ruby$49,000 – $89,000$72,000 – $131,000

Common difficulties students face

#1. Not understanding a user. User-centricity is the main requirement for all programming projects. The problem is developers think about end users like someone who behaves similarly to them. Users always have different opinions. Students are advanced users, so their estimation will differ from the real picture. It is important to study a target audience and test the software if possible.

#2. Bugs & debugging. When working on a program for a long time, it becomes difficult to see what can go wrong. The result of your work may seem perfect, but it is not always so. It is important to test some cases on your own, at least the most obvious ones, and be open to the feedback.

#3. Using the latest technologies. Firstly, it is interesting. Secondly, you are aware of what is going on in the industry. There is only one downside: some forget that other users don’t update software that frequently. You need to adjust everything to older versions, to know some old-school programs, secrets, and techniques that don’t involve the latest facilitating solutions.

#4. Working with another person’s code. Programming on a code created by another developer is a challenge. You don’t always have an opportunity to consult with a code creator to get programming help or even check out a brief, for there is no any. A solution is to realize that this is your code now and spend more time reading it.

#5. Not planning a code. Even experienced developers need to stick to a plan. An ability to improvise is a huge advantage, but it is important to figure out the direction of your code before rushing to work. It might be a waste of time no programming assignment help will be able to fix. Start with an idea, create a mind map, and come up with possible solutions.

#6. Time estimation & management. When you are learning, you are more prone to distract to other subjects, assignments, etc., and you are more likely to overestimate your opportunities.

Where to start with your programming project

Step 1. Choose an idea for your project. This might be the first stage to consider programming assignment help. Beginners often start with:

  • a simple online or in-app game;
  • one-page or portfolio website;
  • creative resume template;
  • re-creating a website they like with some improvements;
  • creating a page about something interesting.

Step 2. Plan it. Decide what actions are required. Outline the stages and their order. It is possible to modify a plan a bit during the work, but you need an approximate plan in any case.

Step 3. Build it. Start writing a code, designing, developing.
Finish line: test and check it. Some will argue that testing a service is not in the scope of a developer’s work. But how are you going to submit or add to your portfolio a project that might be not even working? Don’t neglect a revision.

Get our IT assignment help!

If the studying gets complicated, don’t keep struggling on your own. Persistence is always rewarding, but not always effective. Good services can help you with diverse types of assignments.

C / C++ homework help

C and C++ are the most popular high-level programming languages in terms of written software available under free code licenses and quantity. We can help you to write drivers, server and client programs, create or improve editing tools, complicated software interfaces, and design new games!

Java assignment help

Our team loves working with Java assignments because of the diversity of tasks we get. Java is a native language for Android, although around 90% of desktop back end apps are also written in Java. We’ll help you with writing ecommerce websites, financial and trading software, office server software, embedded systems, open source frameworks, web and desktop apps, and science apps.

Python assignment help

Python is known for coding simplicity, neural networks, and corresponding libraries, which allow creating self-learning software. If you need to come up with software solutions for analysts and banking specialists, just let us know. We can also write search systems for websites, create tools for automatizing website tasks, for files import and export. Finally, we have some experience in writing game logic, as well as modules, prototypes, and filters for graphic redactors.


Learning JavaScript a huge bonus for every developer and for marketing specialists as well. It features simple syntax that is easy to learn and opens wider opportunities in the job market. JavaScript is well adjusted for the usage in all spheres, and that’s its secret. Freshmen students often ask us to create simple “Hello world” programs, scripts for websites and extensions for diverse web platforms, sometimes even cross-platform mobile apps.


This is an object-oriented programming language with dynamic typization. It has ready solutions for multilingual projects, high level of data protection, and many solutions that allow writing code after writing testing scenarios. Twitter, Github, Airbnb, Hulu, Dribble, and Kickstarter are written on Ruby. If you plan to create one more great service for your project, we’ll be glad to help. And we can write your first program on Ruby as well.


This is the language created by Google developers for other developers. It combines the productivity of compiled languages, easy code writing, quick and mistake-free development. We like Go because it allows creating software for different projects and industries. If you get a task to create a cross-platform solution of any difficulty, we’ll be here to help.


This is the main tool for CMS WordPress, which is suitable for writing any content management system. When you get a PHP assignment, you are to deal with web development, because PHP is not used for mobile apps. Web interfaces of Facebook, Wikipedia, TED, and YouTube are written on PHP. We’ll help you to write different scripts, create perfect text editors and CMS or update the existing ones.

R assignments

Developers like R for easy integration with other programming languages — C, C++, Java, and S. If you are to complete an R assignment, you probably need to deal with software for statistical calculations, analysis, and graphics data visualization. We can help you to create a program that will offer solutions for data analysis and new statistical methods.

Linear programming

Besides coding, we like problem modeling, and linear programming suits best for it. This is a specific solution of a mathematical model, where the demands are represented through linear relations. If you cannot fully understand how the technique for optimization of a linear form can be useful for transport, telecommunication, or designing software, let us to the task for you.


This is a declarative programming language for interacting with users and databases. It is used for creating requests, updating and managing relational databases, creating schemes of databases and their modifications, systems of control of databases access — we can do all that and complete any task on databases, collection of facts, and connections between them.

Useful skills in programming projects

  • Program solving helps to estimate the difficulty of a homework assignment and decide whether you need professional assistance.
  • Time management helps to deal with procrastination, focus on a task, and finally demonstrate your professor an outstanding project.
  • Opportunity to highlight abstractions significant for distinguishing abstractions and organize them effectively during a programming process.
  • Handling routine is a thing you have to accept: it is complicated even with interesting programming projects, but not all of them are interesting.
  • Recollective memory helps to save much time instead of spending it on research.
  • Curiosity is what pushes you to discover extraordinary features and ways to use them.
  • Learning and self-development is the only way to stay motivated and keep up with new tasks without programming assignment help.

Programming projects: tools you’ll need

Treehouse. This is an educational resource, where you can learn on practice. You get an assignment, directions that help to complete it, and suggestions on the tools to use. There are also numerous courses with video lessons recorded by web design and coding experts. The library is constantly updated. Here you’ll find HTML, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android, UX, and Database courses.

CodeAvengers. The website features tasks of different levels. According to students’ reviews, it is enough to spend just an hour every day to complete a course fast and find a good job. The most popular courses are Javascript, Web development, computer science, and Python. Every assignment is developed in an interesting way, helping to consolidate the theory in practice.

HackerRank. This is the resource for people who work in IT. There are different tasks for homework you can complete to earn points and create your rating. It provides good opportunities for networking and finding new jobs.

Сodecademy. “Learning to code might be the easiest way to change your career,” the website creators assure. Here you can learn seven programming languages: Python, PHP, jQuery, JavaScipt, Ruby, HTML, and CSS. The peculiarity of this platform is education based on gaming. The tasks get more difficult as you progress, but users don’t even notice it.

Hexlet. This resource allows working with databases, servers, networks, and frameworks. From the very first day of your studying, you will practice your skills by applying newly gained knowledge on practice. The tasks are checked automatically. The platform will be useful for both newbies who try to figure out everything without programming assignment help and experienced developers.

Medium. Here you’ll find many specialized articles on programming, coding, web development, and technology, in general, that will help with programming in the future.

Where you need a professional programming help

All the tools and resources listed above will be very helpful for learning new programming languages or deepening your knowledge. You can find like-minded peers and professionals in discussions, look for help from experienced developers, and find ideas that will help to come up with new solutions.

However, you can get an assignment that makes you experience issues that need more time and attention. Sometimes reading an article or asking for an opinion is not enough. If you feel that the lack of knowledge can affect your grade, ask for professional programming help.

Why choose us among the other services to help with programming homework?

  • We hire programming experts with different backgrounds and years of professional experience.
  • You receive a work free of grammar, spelling, and other mistakes (in case you need to provide a textual explanation).
  • We guarantee a quick response and timely delivery.
  • We can handle various tasks: provide C++ help and Java homework help, deal with your Python programming assignment, and a lot more.

Contact us right now to take care of your homework and academic progress. And good luck with your studies!